About The Valkyrie Initiative

The Valkyrie Initiative is a non-profit organization, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose sole purpose is to address, educate, and train women of all demographics on the necessary information, skills, and attributes required for self-defense in the modern world as well as fitness and health as it relates to self-defense.

We provide education and training by offering free self-defense courses to women ages 14 and older.  These classes cover topics including awareness, physical self-defense, and firearms safety.  Secondly, we provide education by creating digital and physical media that highlights the particular self-defense issues faced by women in the modern world.

We further provide training by offering donation based seminars on general topics of fitness and health as they related to self-defense for women.

Lastly, we  provide education and training by offering tuition based intensive self-defense programs including firearms safety and firearms training programs.